Nicotine Free IGET XXL – Cherry Ice


  • Liquid Capacity: 7ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 0%
  • Puff Count: 1800+ Puffs
  • Size: 19 x 19x 11.4 mm
  • Weight: 60g
  • Battery: 950mAh

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Nicotine Free IGET XXL Disposable Vape

The Nicotine Free IGET XXL disposable device is an immaculately classy device with its metal body and ergonomic mouthpiece.

Its entire body is made of high-grade aluminium, preserving the flavours to a high standard.

Each IGET Vape XXL device boosts 1800 + Puffs with fruity and authentic tasting flavours.

What sets the IGET Vape XXL apart from the rest of the crowd is its premium feeling and tasty flavours.

IGET Vape Brand

Huaxinyu firm brand name IGET was founded in 2017. They create wholesale e-cigarettes, batteries, chargers, and cigarette liquid. They take pleasure in a high placement among consumers.

They have established long-lasting and secure participating relations with numerous sellers and agents.

They attach wonderful value to credit history, keep the agreement, and ensure the high quality of products. With various company features and the concept of little profits and the fast turnover, they have won the depend on customers.

They pay attention to listening to the demands of clients and strive to bring the most innovative items and top quality solutions to consumers to make sure that their items are much more cutting-edge, intelligent, and scientific.

Shenzhen Huaxinyu Technology Co., Ltd. wants to be your most dependable long-term partner with the most effective products, finest service, and an ideal track record.


One × Nicotine Free IGET XXL


  • Liquid Capacity: 7ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 0%
  • Puff Count: 1800+ Puffs
  • Size: 19 x 19x 11.4 mm
  • Weight: 60g
  • Battery: 950mAh
  • Wattage: 7-12w
  • Voltage: 3.7V

Nicotine Free IGET XXL Features

  • Pre-charge
  • Pre-filled
  • 10+ flavours to choose from
  • Easy to use
  • Delicious flavour range

Flavours of Nicotine Free IGET XXL

Blueberry Ice: The sweetness of blueberry tickles every taste bud on your tongue. It’s like eating blueberry ice cream.

Energy Drink: It’s a very refreshing flavour. The Red Bull flavour would wake you up from a sleepy morning.

Grape: What would be more delightful than a strong, sweet grape flavour vape? If you’re into grapes and fruity flavours, this one is definitely for you.

Lush Ice: The best flavour for a hot summer day. The sweet, refreshing watermelon with ice would make your day.

Passion Fruit Mango: 2 tropical fruits mixed to make the best fruity flavour! Awesome. Very sweet and tasty. You need to give it a try.

People Also Ask

Does IGET XXL contain nicotine?

Yes and no. IGET XXL has two different nicotine strengths for you to choose from, 50mg/ml and nicotine-free IGET XXL.

And here at Nicotine Free Vape, we only offer you the Zero Nicotine IGET XXL, which is more healthy and physically 100% non-addictive.

A 7ml 1800-puff vape for ONLY A$29.98? That is a great deal.

Are IGET vapes nicotine free?

Yes and no. IGET vapes have different nicotine levels; they make nicotine free IGET vapes. Most vape shops only sell the IGET Vapes with high nicotine strength.

However, here in Nicotine Free Vape Australia, we only provide you with authentic Nicotine Free Vapes. We have the Nicotine Free IGET XXL.

What is an IGET XXL?

IGET XXL Disposable Kit is created as non-reusable devices for recreation vaping, constructed from light SS material and giving comfortable hand-feeling.

Each device has a 7ml e-liquid of zero nicotine & lots of flavours, with a battery of 950mAh to maintain the device running up to 1800+ puffs.

Can you get nicotine-free Puff Bars?

Yes. If you’re more interested in nicotine-free Puff Bars, click here to get yourself some!

Does the IGET King have nicotine?

Yes, IGET King vapes do have nicotine in them. IGET King has a 60 mg/ml (6.0%) nicotine strength, which is very strong.

Additional information

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Nicotine Strength Flavours


IGET XXL Flavours

Blueberry Ice, Cherry Ice, Energy Drink, Grape, Lush Ice, Mango, Mint Ice, Mixed Berry, Passion Fruit Mango, Peach Ice


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